Academic Support

A commitment to academic success

Academic, personal and professional support are essential to college success. At Butler Community College, the Academic Support System helps student-athletes reach their full potential.The Academic Support Staff teaches student-athletes the skills they need to successfully complete their college courses. Due to the student-athletes demanding schedule, utilization of time management and study skills are critical to their success. This support continues throughout the student-athletes collegiate career, until the day he receives a degree and/or transfers.

Full-time football Academic Advisor and staff
The athletic academic advisor and staff gather important background information and build an academic portfolio on each student-athlete, assessing his needs in advance. This portfolio also includes current/past class history, transfer hours, NCAA eligibility guidelines, ongoing degree checks and approval of all class drop/adds

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Mandatory study hall
Each student-athlete is required to attend a minimum of two to five one-hour study hall sessions per week. These are facilitated by the athletic academic advisor and staff.

One-on-one tutoring, specific to each subject
Each study hall is limited to six student-athletes. Each session is facilitated by an academic support staff member who works with each student-athlete one-to-one, per subject, as needed.

Biweekly grade checks
Being proactive rather than reactive, the academic advisor does not wait for an academic crisis to occur. Grade checks are sent every two weeks to all instructors in order to monitor attendance, grades and upcoming class projects. This offers instructors the opportunity for comments which lead to an open dialogue between instructors, coaches and the academic advisor.

Individual study hall/class notebooks
The study hall/class notebooks include a current class schedule and syllabus for each class. They are used to check upcoming projects, due dates and all exam dates.

Open access to Internet/computer lab
Computers are available in the athletic academic offices for student-athletes to use. Butler also has several Internet/computer labs on campus readily available.

Early Graduation
Graduating in three semesters is a goal of the coaching staff and athletic academic advisor. Early graduation enables student-athletes to transfer in December allowing them to enroll at a four-year institution and participate in spring practice. Butler County has several avenues available for student-athletes to complete their degree early. BCC is the only community college in Kansas offering both summer and winter intercession. By enrolling in intercession and/or summer school along with regular semester courses, 87% of Butler student-athletes have graduated in three semesters.

Consultation with instructors
There is an ongoing dialogue with each instructor to insure the opportunity for academic success.

Grizzly Coaching Staff on Philosophy
The Grizzly football program strives for excellence both on and off the field. Through the willingness of the student-athletes, the athletic academic advisor and tutors on staff are capable of assisting each individual in academic achievement. BCC provides student-athletes personal and quality guidance as they pursue their academic goals. The institution's faculty continues to be extremely supportive of student-athletes' success.
We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of a solid education. It is our goal that each student-athlete is in class everyday in order to be successful. With this in mind, we have established an excellent academic program. Through the use of our athletic advisor, biweekly grade checks and mandatory study sessions, we are able to help student-athletes achieve and maintain the academic goals they have set for themselves. We feel there is a correlation in the positive work habits developed in the classroom and on the football field. Our academic program is a key asset to this part of the game.

"Butler is a place where I received growth in all areas of my life-academically, athletically and socially. I was able to receive my associate's degree a semester early because of the commitment the athletic academic office has to the student-athletes."
Rudi Johnson
1998 & 1999 National Champion
1999 NJCAA Player of the Year
NFL All-Pro Running Back with the Cincinnati Bengals

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